Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Hackers Democracy Terms & Conditions

  1. Hackers Democracy is not responsible for any misuse of knowledge provided to clients.
  2. Hackers Democracy does not provide any guaranty or warranty of any kind.
  3. Partial Payments are not accepted. Full payment has to be made before proceeding. No refund of any kind under any condition will be admissible.
  4. Hackers Democracy does not misuse your information.
  5. In case of any legal proceeding, Hackers Democracy is not liable to face any consequences.
  6. In case of Client being rude or abusive, Hackers Democracy may terminate service without prior notice to client.
  7. Hackers Democracy is Neither a legal Body, nor a company, nor a NGO.
  8. Anyone availing service(s) or training(s) from Hackers Democracy, will have to abide by the Terms & Conditions mentioned here.
  9. Any modifications to these Terms & Conditions can be made at any time whenever considered mandatory by Hackers Democracy.
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